Cool Object of the Week: PAINTINGS!!!!!


Time again to strap on that paddle and plug in the black lamps, because it’s high auction season in Budapest. Three major auction houses, Kieselbach, Virag Judit, and Nagyhazi are all having their big Spring Auctions in the next 2 weeks. Though it hasn’t shown up on the web catalogue, local radio is reporting that Virag Judit has got a Klimt drawing. Only question will be then whether Ronald Lauder is buying or selling it.

As usual if you have any works that interest you, contact us about previewing and bidding.

Below are my picks.

Virag Judit, lot 27, MISKOLCZY FERENC (1899-1994)
VIEW OF TOLEDO, 1925 Oil, canvas, 70,5×100,5 cm
Signed lower left: Toledo 1925 Miskolczy
Starting price: 180 000 Ft (€750)

Despite the painter’s little-known name, everything is right with this one: the location, the date 1925 (think The Sun Also Rises), and the fauvist colors with the El Greco expressionism…and good size.

Nagyhazi, lot 504 – Scheiber Hugó (Budapest, 1873 – Budapest, 1950)
tempera, karton
670*480 mm
j.k.l.: Scheiber H.
MNG 1706/981
Kikiáltási ár: 750 000 Ft (€ 3 152)

The best Scheiber up this time. To see his skill, look at the glass on the table. The work shows his peculiar technique of tempera and pastel. The tempera builds up the architecture and creates the cubism, and pastel gives the dynamism or futurism to the work.

For more cubism/avantgarde see:

at Kieselbach this one may seem a little odd, but I think this painter is fantastic, and absolutely unique.

at Nagyhazi there are a few:

At Virag Judit they don’t allow for direct links to their lots, but I’ve noted that these lot numbers are exciting: 27, 58, 69, 76, 79, 81, 90, 91, 108, 110, ,113, 165, 170, 178, 189, 216, 240

376 – Nádler Róbert (Pest, 1858 – Budapest, 1938)
Balatoni mólón
olaj, vászon
54,5*72,5 cm
j.b.l.: Nádler Róbert; ho.: berlini kiállítási címke 1925
Kikiáltási ár: 220 000 Ft (€ 925)

It’s a relatively late date, 1925, for impressionism. But the look and theme are outstanding, and you can’t beat it for harmless bucolic.

For those with Impressionism inclinations, have a look at these links: very nice

at Nagyhazi:

Muterem (we can’t make direct links to their lots which is very frustrating, but here are the lots we recommend you look at:

3 Egry Jozsef
5 Fenyes Adolf
27 Miscolczy Ferenc
30 Kosztolányi Kann Gyula
72 Jandi David
74. Maticska Jenõ
75. Balla Béla
79. Szobotka Imre
93. Neogrády László
101. Fülöp Antal Andor
107. Börtsök Samu
108. Kádár Béla
111. Kádár Géza
117. Mednyánszky László
161. K. Spányi Béla
182 Ivanyi Grunwald Béla
224 Aba Novak

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  1. Lado says:

    …really good one, brushstrokes, colors, composition, can add some “spice” to the collection of modernist paintings…

  2. Nice submit. Cheers for, visiting it blog web page mate. I’ll message you quickly! I didn’t know that!

  3. winter photography…

    […]Cool Object of the Week: PAINTINGS!!!!! « Art Miser[…]…

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