Cool Object of the Week: Kozma/Peche-istic parlor set


Here’s a fascinating sitting room ensemble with it’s original 1920’s era upholstery.

The set includes two armchairs

and settee.

The dealer who has it says he bought it in Vienna. He wouldn’t dare to give a positive ID on the maker, but design provides another sterling example of a Deco/Baroque hybrid that occurred in Central Europe during the 2nd and 3rd decades of the 20th Century. That stylistic cocktail was simultaneously concocted in Vienna by Dagobert Peche, who would become the chief designer of the Wiener Werkstätte until his untimely death in 1923.

Peche’s design for a commode, c.1919. Notice the legs.

And, at the same time, working in Budapest, Lajos Kozma, would produce the same blend of stylization and abstraction, but he would arrive at it from completely different origins (namely inspiration from Hungarian folk motifs).

Kozma’s mirror here so much resembled Peche, that it was displayed on the facing page to a work by Peche in a recent compendium of International Art Deco

I have identified 4 major trends in this Central European Deco/Baroque:
1. Foliage characterized by regular curves and squared angles.
2. Vines of regular breadth drawn with monochrome shading.
2. The cabriole leg, like the Chippendale, Louis XV, or highly stylized format.
3. The architectonic outline of spikes and arches.
4. Stylized baroque grill-work in a regularized form.

We find all of those characteristics with this set. Notice the upholstery…


And also the tulip form in the chairs themselves. The legs are a stylized cabriole variety.


The dealer is asking 3,800 Euros. Contact us if you want to be put in touch with him.

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